Greenland Parent Not Pleased With School Cancellation

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The Greenland Lady Pirates will play in Little Rock Thursday in the State Championship basketball game. School officials decided to cancel class for the entire district so parents and fans can watch the team play. Most parents support the decision, but some question the idea that closing school Thursday is a good idea.

"Parents can't afford to take time off anymore and they can't afford to pay for daycare," said Greenland parent Dana Graham. "I feel that they're putting their athletic programs before their academics. It's not fair to our children who want to go to school."

Other parents 5NEWS talked with Wednesday agreed with the decision. Many of them are leaving for Little Rock to see the Lady Pirates try to bring home another State Championship.

"I think it's excellent, " said Tracie Partain. "We have followed Greenland Pirate basketball for a long time, for a lot of years and I'm excited I'm going myself."

Linda Starr agrees, "I think it's pretty good because I'm a substitute myself. I work here at the school and I think a lot of teachers will want to go to the game too. So there won't be enough substitutes for all the teachers. "

Linda’s daughter Lori, is a Greenland High School Senior. She said school officials made the right call.

"I'm in favor of it," said Lori. "I'm going to the game. We may have to make it up later but it's worth it to see the girls play."

Graham says she's happy the Lady Pirates are going to play in the championship game, but she says the school's decision makes it hard on parents.

"Just give us some other options or try to find another solution," said Graham. "If they want the high school to be out that's fine but the elementary school and the middle school, they don't need to be affected by this."

The Greenland Lady Pirates play Jessieville at 3 P.M. Thursday for the 3A State Championship.