Woman Arrested After Found Drinking Beer in House

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A Fayetteville woman faces a felony charge of residential burglary and four misdemeanor charges after a resident said she returned home to find the woman drinking beer in her granddaughter’s house.

Uli Spradlin, 35, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Saturday evening and has not had a bond amount set, according to the Sheriff’s Department website.

A preliminary police report said Cheryl Bufford, 63, returned to her home on Bunyard Road in Winslow at 11 p.m. Friday night and noticed there were more lights on than there had been when she left. When Bufford entered the home, she found Spradlin drinking beer while Spradlin’s 4-year-old son was asleep, the report said.

Bufford said Spradlin was not permitted to be in the home but Bufford did not tell her to leave because she smelled intoxicants on Spradlin’s breath and did not want her driving with the child, the report said. Bufford told sheriff deputies that she noticed a hole in the wall next to the chimney and Spradlin told her she had used a hammer to retrieve a conch shell that was inside the wall, the report said.

Deputies arrived at the home on Saturday morning, and Bufford told them Spradlin had no permission to be in the house, the report said. The house had recently been sold and Bufford told deputies that everyone had moved out by 6 p.m. Friday and were not to return until Saturday afternoon, the report said.

The report does not specify if Spradlin was a previous resident and she is listed as homeless on the Sheriff’s Department website. Bufford’s granddaughter and fiance were returning from Florida and told deputies over the phone Bufford was the only person with permission to be in the house.

While the deputies were speaking with Bufford, they noticed Spradlin removing items from the home and taking them to her car. The deputies arrested Spradlin, and they found a bag with 5.4 grams of marijuana and a pipe with marijuana residue, the report said.

Spradlin faces a felony charge of residential burglary and misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief, criminal trespass, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Spradlin’s child was placed with the Department of Human Services.