Hometown Feel A Success for Fayetteville Restaurant

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Just south of Downtown Fayetteville you'll find Rick's Iron Skillet, a restaurant still providing delicious home cooked meals after years of service.

Rick’s serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week.  It's not the fancy decor, but the fresh ingredients and down home service that keeps customers coming back.

The Xiong family bought Rick’s Iron Skillet restaurant about six and a half years ago and have managed to keep a strong customer base.  This September will mark 22 years since Iron Skillet first opened.

The breakfast and lunch crowd is strong on most weekdays, and really packed on the weekends.

It was exactly the kind of business opportunity that the Xiong family was looking for.

The Xiong family grew up in Michigan, they say the area they grew up in didn’t have very many family restaurants.  That’s what attracted them to eventually buyout the Iron Skillet and keep the hometown feel strong.

The Iron Skillet has been a longtime favorite of many Fayetteville residents, so the Xiong family didn't mess with much after buying the place. They just took Rick's recipes and freshened things up a bit.

Rick's Iron Skillet has become a popular dining location for many University of Arkansas students and faculty.  On an afternoon you could also run into some local celebrities.  Hogs Basketball Coach Mike Anderson is known to frequent the establishment.

Rick's Irn Skillet is now starting to adapart into more than a Fayetteville restuaurant, for some, it's a tradition, tasting a little better every day.