Local Woman to be Featured on History Channel

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A show on the History Channel will soon put one LeFlore County, Okla., woman on the small screen. Rebecca Hendrix, who lives in Shady Point and works as a deputy at the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office, will be featured on Tuesday night's season finale of  "Ultimate Soldier Challenge".

Hendrix first went overseas for combat in April of 2008. She returned home from Iraq in September of 2011.

Paige Hendrix, her daughter, said she remembers vividly the day her mom finally came home.

"I was just really, really happy because we didn't get to see her much, and even when she was home on her breaks, we barely got to see her," Paige Hendrix said.

Rebecca Hendrix said that even though she's back home in the U.S., that's not going to stop her from doing what she loves.

"I mean, I love the shooting and the competition," Hendrix said. "That's why I went overseas as a contractor. I was a civilian. I wasn't in the military, mainly because I couldn't get in to the military."

Hendrix was born with congenital hip dislocation, which she said automatically disqualified her from joining the Armed Forces.

"I'm part of a military family," Hendrix said. "And it was a point in my life where I knew it was something I needed to do."

Now that she's back, Hendrix is looking for her next feat. She's competing on the national level for "The Ultimate Soldier". The show is the History Channel's first military competition series. In each episode, three elite squads of military operators face off, putting their skills up against each other in simulated combat situations.

"It's different weapons, different challenges---running, shooting, shooting at each other, just different things like that," Hendrix said. "My show is Army vs. Navy, and then there's the contractor team, which is what I'm on."

The episode about Rebecca will be shown on the History Channel on Tuesday night. It's scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. central time.

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