Arkansas Tennis Player Follows in Father’s Footsteps

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Ever since he was five years old Arkansas tennis player Hall Fess wanted to be a Razorback and follow in his father's footsteps.

"Growing up I would always hear my dad telling stories about Arkansas and about what it was like playing there," said Redshirt Junior Hall Fess.  "It's been a dream to come here ever since I was little."

Hall's dream of being a Razorback came true four years ago and the experience had been great.

"It's been real fun being able to share my stories with him now especially since I've been able to get some wins here," said Hall.  "We have been able to share stories back and forth now"

"It's amazing," said Hall's father Greg Fess. "It's something I always thought about as he was growing up especially with Coach Cox here. To be able to play for him is a dream come true."

For the past 26 years Robert Cox has been coaching the Razorbacks. Prior to that he was a member of the Razorback tennis team.  His roommate and doubles partner was Hall's father Greg.

"His father Greg was quite a handful," said Arkansas Head Coach Robert Cox. "I think he owes a lot of his success to me because I was the perfect roommate."

"All I can say is his mother still sends me thank you notes for turning his life around," said Greg Fess.

Gregg Fess and Coach Cox where Arkansas teammates in the late 70's.  They are still great friends to this very day.  Being able to coach Greg's son Hall is a blessing to Coach Cox

"It's an honor to have his son on my team," Said Coach Cox.  "I have one daughter so I never had the opportunity to coach.  Having Hall Fess is almost like having a son because I've known him his whole life.  It's been a great opportunity and I've really enjoyed it."