From Chip to Taco, Back to Chip?

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Taco Bell’s most popular taco comes full circle.

Frito-Lay announced Monday (March 25) on their Doritos Facebook page plans to market “Doritos Locos Tacos chips”, based on their popular partnership with Taco Bell.

The spinoff allegedly comes from their Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos, which reportedly sold more than 350 million in less than a year, making it Taco Bell’s most successful product. The company also added about 15,000 jobs in 2012 to keep up with the demand. Hoping history would repeat itself, the company launched a Cool Ranch version in early March.

But this “new” product, available April 8, is basically a bag of taco chips mixed with either your choice of Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch flavored chips.

So… it’s chips, right? While it may not seem like ‘breaking news’ or the most original idea to some, Doritos is banking on the masses to want to try them.

They are even holding a Twitter contest to see how far folks will go to win a pallet (about 132 bags) of the chips, which seems like a good way for any parent wanting to stock the pantry for their kids’ lunches.

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