Lone Senior Leads Young Hog Tennis Squad

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The Arkansas Women's Tennis team roster consists of one senior, one sophomore and seven freshman.

"We are one of the youngest teams in the country this year and we knew we would be," said Head Coach Michael Hagerty.  "We had a lot of preparation for it.  I think it's easier because its a really good young team."

Having seven freshmen on a team of nine can be challenging at points.  The demands of college athletics is a big adjustment for incoming freshmen, so having people around you in the same situation has helped make the adjustment easier.

"I'm not the only one going through the new stuff,"  said Brittany Huxley.  "We are all in it together. I think as a team we mingle quite well and I think it's good for everyone to have people around them in the same situation."

The transition to college has been very smooth for this group of seven girls. A big reason for that is the leadership of the lone senior Claudine Paulson.

"Claudine is a great person, she is a great leader," said freshman Ana Lorena Belmar Hernandez.  "She has helped us to get to know how things are done.  She has set a great example."

During her first three years at the University of Arkansas Paulson had great leaders to look up to.  Having that type of leadership through has turned her into a great leader and captain.

"Every year I was here since I was a freshman we had great leaders," said Paulson.  "I learned so much from them.  I can take what I learned from them to help the freshmen."

Despite being a team full of new comers the squad is having a good season.  They are currently ranked top 50 in the nation.