NRA Announces School Safety Plan

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The National Rifle Association announced its plan for school safety Tuesday (April 2), nearly four months after the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

The nation's largest gun lobby is offering guidelines to state and local officials on how they can alter current laws to allow armed personnel on school campuses.

It`s part of what the NRA calls its comprehensive plan for school safety, unveiled during a news conference in Washington, D.C.

During the news conference, Asa Hutchinson, a Rogers attorney who spearhead the effort, said the NRA wants training programs for school resource officers and select, designated school personnel.

Bentonville Schools Superintendent Michael Poore recently told 5NEWS he'd like to see an increased armed presence in schools.

“We think it`s a positive thing,” Poore said. “When you have a police officer in the building, the obvious thing is, that`s a secure thing. But the second thing that happens with that is that, they get to look at police officers in a whole different light.”

Local school districts say they feel their students are safe because of the resource officers that patrol schools.

The Bentonville School District recently received approval from the City Council to add two new resource officers.

“We`re very fortunate to have so many law enforcement agencies that are willing to support Bentonville schools,” Poore said.

Hutchinson is scheduled to be in Little Rock Wednesday to further discuss the NRA's school safety plan.