VIDEO: Arkansas Offense Gives Update on Spring Practice

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Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney

  1. QB play was sloppy but it was expected, just learning some new things and lots of repetition
  2. Trying to find identity of being a tough team, every team is at this position in the spring, needs to be tough for run game.
  3. Tight end needs to be able to beat a linebacker and knock down a D Linemen and they are developing both
  4. Wide recievers look good, its just going to take practice and time to buy into system and not think so much, just do

Offensive Lineman Grady Ollison

  1. Toughness is coming, if they can win the battle on the run game, everything else will follow.

Tight End Austin Tate:

  1. Toughness is coming but it all involves weights and film and that carries to the field
  2. He has got his weight right now he working on speed to be the best all around tight end.