Springdale Mayor Pushes Development Around Arvest Ballpark

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Arvest Ballpark in Springdale is gorgeous but unlike many ballparks that are close to restaurants and shops where fans who come early or stay late can enjoy themselves, Arvest fans get a good look at cows.

Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse hopes change is coming soon.

“The plans are underway right now, and developing for 56th street to be improved from Don Tyson Parkway to all the way down to Springs Road,” he said.

The mayor says four lanes on 56th street will help, but there's even more progress on the horizon.

“We open bids on the interchange at Don Tyson Parkway and 540 on April 23, so that’s one thing that’s moving forward very soon, so I believe that we’ll start to see more and more things kick into place as long as the economy continues to recover,” the mayor said.

We didn't see anybody walking up to the ballpark but that could change when the infrastructure is in place. Fans say they'd like to see more businesses within walking distance.

The area around the ballpark could see some businesses that aren't retail destinations that could still put fans in the seats.

Northwest Arkansas Community College in Bentonville is still considering the area for a new campus but is not ready to make a decision at this time.