VIDEO: Arkansas Defense Gives Update on Spring Practice

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The defense spoke after Thursday's practice and gave an update on how they are progressing.

Defensive Coordinator Chris Ash:

  1. Defense still making some mistakes but it's focusing on the details that will make them better. Making progress.
  2. Scrimmage was what was expecting, not wanted. Need better tackling, some can really hit, others need more work.
  3. Looking for improvement in next scrimmage, not perfection.
  4. Working a lot of guys at linebacker, need a general, leader and tough guy to be what they need.


Defensive End Chris Smith:

  1. Coach Bielema did what he said and brought in best coaches in nation, really making us better.
  2. Next scrimmage team needs to work on tackling and technique


Defensive End Trey Flowers:

  1. The effort and play making is there for the scrimmage, just got to know your responsibility and not beat yourself.


Cornerback Tevin Mitchel

  1. Cornerbacks need more discipline, hardest position to play.
  2. Every year has had new defensive scheme and so its a big change but like learning a new language, comes with time and practice.