Apple Co-Founder Visits UA Campus

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Co-founder of Apple computer, Steve Wozniak, was invited to the University of Arkansas as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series.

The audience at Barnhill Arena was eager to listen to Wozniak on Sunday (April 7) and received him with a warm welcome.

It's his first time in the Natural State and he expressed his excitement about the trip.

'Yeah I am, oh my gosh!" said Wozniak. "I actually had to bend an awful lot of things to get here."

Wozniak designed and built the Apple I and Apple II. He spoke about the history and the future of the company as well as the relationship between humans and technology.

“Which is more important, the human or the technology?" Wozniak. "It's probably the key thing that I always look for in my life or any products, how they affect our life and change our lives."

People stood in line for several hours before the free lecture to be the first inside Barnhill Arena.

"I love Apple and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I thought it would be great to come and see him," said Melissa Green, UA Hospitality student.

Ilan Fehler was wearing an Apple t-shirt while standing in line.

"I was number three for the IPhone in St. Francisco and I`m a huge Apple nut," said Fehler. "He`s coming to town, I'm here in the middle of Arkansas and this is awesome."

The distinguished lecture series is funded by a student approved fee.

"In our student polls he ranked number one and number two and students said they wanted to see him," said Autumn Lewis, student chair for the distinguished lecture committee. "So we brought him to campus because we are funded by students."

Wozniak has a special message for students who have a goal they truly believe in.

"If you have confidence in yourself and you are working on something you believe in, you can be young, without money, without any experience, without any courses in business and just make good sound decisions and have success," Wozniak said.

The UA lecture series will also bring Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter John Legend. Legend will speak at 7 p.m. on April 29th and will perform four songs.