Police Prepare You in Case of Shooting

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The Springdale Police Department is in its eighth active shooter class where they teach the public survival skills in case someone with intent to kill walks through the door.

Sgt. Robert Sanchez said when people think of shooting rampages they think of Sandy Hook and Colombine. However, he said it can happen in your neighborhood, school or workplace.

"We definitely need to know that it does happen here and we need to prepare ourselves in case more violence like that does occur here," Sgt. Sanchez said.

Sgt. Sanchez and Cpl Mike Hignite teach the course. They use the response tactic ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate).

It teaches to first call 911, alert those around you and try to escape. However, if that doesn't work you can lock-down.

"Lock the door that you are in, barricade the doors as much as possible. If the active shooter reaches your barricade, then you need to plan on defending yourself," Sgt. Sanchez said.

These resources, according to Hignite, can help the public have "proactive measures to help people respond rather than shut the door and hide."

The classes are possible through the Springdale Police Department and it takes place at the Jones Center.

"We're really excited about giving people the opportunity to have some things to fall back on and increase their chances of survival," Hignite said.

They also teach the history and analysis of active shooter incidents and what to expect from arriving police officers.

Their message is that being passive makes shooters more effective, therefore, being proactive can save your life.

Click here to register. The class is free but seating is limited.