Candidate Names Emerge in Fayetteville Court Race

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At least three names have surfaced as possible candidates to replace Rudy Moore Jr. as Fayetteville District Judge, sources say.

The three are Fayetteville attorney Tim Snively, Washington County Justice of the Peace Eva Madison and City Prosecutor Casey Jones.

Candidates in the May 20, 2014, election are not allowed to declare their candidacy until a year before election day, said David Sachar, executive director of the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission. That means candidates can make their intentions known publicly in less than a month from Thursday (April 25).

However, sources say Snively, Madison and Jones have expressed to others in private conservations that they are interested in running.

Moore died this month of complications from cancer.

Matt DeCample, spokesman for Gov. Mike Beebe, said the governor is accepting names for an appointment to fill the seat until the winning candidate takes over as judge in January 2015. The appointee will not be permitted to run for election to that office, DeCample said.

DeCample said the governor does not release the names of potential appointees seeking any post, but a source tells 5NEWS that David Stewart, Bruce Schlegel and Buddy Chadick are among those whose names either have been or might be submitted to the governor for consideration. A candidate’s name can be submitted by that person or by someone on┬áthat person’s behalf, DeCample said.

DeCample said the governor is on vacation in Scottsdale, Ariz., until the end of the week and is not expected to name a replacement during that time.

A candidate’s campaign committee cannot begin raising campaign contributions until six months before the election, Sachar said. Judicial candidates cannot directly solicit contributions, but instead must rely on the members of their campaign committee to raise money for them, he said.