Whirlpool Submits Revised Risk Management Plan

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Whirlpool has issued its full revised Risk Management Plan for the Fort Smith site.

Whirlpool has been working with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to take care of the trichloroethylene contamination in the 1980s at their now abandoned factory in Fort Smith.

They submitted their revised plan for the TCE contamination with ADEQ Wednesday (April 24).

A company spokesperson says the new plan specifies where and why they will do on-site chemical oxidation. It also includes explanations of the conditions of the site and a detailed history of the work they’ve already done.

Fort Smith Mayor Sandy Sanders believes it is a step in the right direction, however, there’s still more work to be done.

“If this application of chemical oxidation does appear to at least slow down the continued impact of the TCE in the plume area, then that’s a positive step,” he said. “But I think we still want to see what they’re going to do longterm for the people who have been impacted.”

Whirlpool hopes to greatly reduce the contaminate levels within the next five years.

To read the revised Risk Management Plan, visit http://www.whirlpoolfortsmith.com/.

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