Carson Shatters Southside Scoring Record

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Wesley Carson is used to getting a ton of attention on the soccer field. The problem is opponents can't seem to give him enough attention.

Carson scored his 35th goal of the season on Tuesday to break Southside's school record and the Rebels still have three matches left.

"I’ve had a fun year," Carson said. "The goals are definitely flying in but it’s not really about that, it’s about the team for sure."

Carson may not want to take credit for the success but it's hard not to give it to him. Carson has scored more than two goals a game in the 14 matches for Southside this season and that includes a six goal performance against Little Rock Hall earlier this year.

"I’ve been in the game for quite a while and in this district it’s pretty crazy and this kid is really knocking them out. Its been pretty interesting to watch," Southside coach Dave Marshall said. "He’s a special kid and they come along once in a while and I just happen to be fortunate enough to be around him right now."

Double teams aren't nearly enough to slow down Carson as teams have started to use three and sometimes four defenders to help shut down the Rebels scoring star.

"It started about last year," Carson said. "I always seem to have me a little buddy every game following around me. I just have to learn to play with that. They’ve got two or three players every time I turn on the ball. You have to learn how to play even through the three or four players that are on you at one time."