Police: Man Brandished Handgun, Hit People With Car

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A Centerton man is facing six felony charges of aggravated assault after Fayetteville police said he waved a handgun and then struck three employees with his car when they tried to prevent him from leaving a nightclub without paying his bill.

Joshua Williams, 25, was booked in the Washington County Detention Center on Sunday morning and released on $5,000 bond Sunday afternoon, according to the Sheriff’s Department website. His wife, Kimberly, was also booked and released on $5,000 bond after facing a single aggravated assault charge.

A preliminary police report said Fayetteville officers responded to a report of an armed man at approximately 1:50 a.m. Sunday at the Highway 62 Event Center on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Employees at the club said a man, identified as Joshua Williams, had tried to leave the club without paying his full rental fee, the report said.

One staff member, Sam Ringgold, told officers he confronted Williams in the parking lot and an argument began, the report said. The report said Williams pulled a handgun from his waistband and told observers no one would touch him.

Several other staff members came to assist Ringgold and all said they felt in danger because Williams had his finger on the trigger and was waving the gun, the report said. Another staff member, Jarrod Stidham, said he grabbed Williams’ gun arm and pulled him to the ground, the report said.

The staff members said they tried to restrain Williams when they were “attacked” by several other people, the report said. Ringgold said he was choked from behind by a woman he identified as Kimberly Williams, the report said.

After the altercation, Joshua and Kimberly Williams got into a silver BMW and attempted to leave when Ringgold stood in front of the car and told him he had to pay his bill, the report said. Ringgold told officers Joshua Williams drove forward, hitting him in the legs and knocking him down and then Williams drove forward and trapped him under the front bumper, the report said.

Two other staff members told officers they were struck by the car when they came to assist Ringgold, the report said.

Fayetteville officers stopped the BMW at the intersection of Futrall and Old Farmington Road about 20 minutes later and found a handgun in the car that matched the description of the gun the staff members and other witnesses had seen, the report said.