Sheriff’s Brother Likely To Walk Again After Church Roof Collapse

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Three of the four men injured when the roof of a church collapsed in Jethro, Ark., Wednesday evening have been released from the hospital. But a fourth man is still badly injured, according to Franklin County Sheriff Anthony Boen.

The sheriff’s younger brother, 21-year-old Cody Jones, is unable to feel below his neck, Boen said. However, Thursday night, doctors told the family that Jones will be able to walk again, Boen said.

Jones was one of four men working on the roof at Jethro Pentecostal Church Wednesday (May 8) around 6:30 p.m., when the roof collapsed.

"[Cody's] starting to remember some of it now," Boen said. "He told me that he heard the back wall start cracking some and then it just exploded."

Deputies said the church’s addition was under construction and the men fell 30 feet.

"It was very scary," Boen said. "My mother was there and I know she was taking it pretty tough. Very tough."

Among those hospitalized was church pastor Lamar Joy, minister Cody Zollicoffer. They have since been treated for their injuries and released. The fourth man, Ben Carr, 18, was transported to Mercy Hospital in Ozark, but was later released.

"Not sure what could have happened," Boen said. "They said it was braced very well. But the back wall gave for some reason and it just collapsed."

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the collapse.