Powerful Winds Cause Damage in Elkins

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Early Thursday morning (May 9) a storm rolled through the area with wind gusts up to 59mph at Drake Field in Fayetteville.

The storm intensified from Farmington to Elkins.

Airport Director Ray Boudreaux said the strong winds this morning could`ve been damaging, but most planes are kept in hangers

Wind damage also depends on the direction of the wind and which way the planes are facing, said Boudreaux.

“As long as airplanes are parked into the wind and they are properly tied down it will be fine, however if there are cross wind that might not be the case.  I`ve seen some big airplanes that weren`t properly chalked and the wind came along and hit them sideways and they end up into the wind,” said Boudreaux.

Around 6:30 a.m. the strong storm moved into Elkins.

“I hear the wind get up and I got up to close the window and it was over,” said Pam, Elkins resident.

In a short amount of time the wind snapped trees in half, ripped the chimney off the top of this home and tore off half the roof on the shed.

“The camper shell rolled about 50 feet and busted the back glass out and bent the aluminum around it,” said Pam.

A tree also fell on an antique outhouse, which the homeowners say had been here for years.

“It`s just been here forever, it’s just part of nature and we loved it and it`s gone,” added Pam.

The storm rolled out of the area around mid-morning.