Flooding Causes 10-Foot Sinkhole, Displaced Road In Benton County

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Benton County road workers blocked off a 10-foot deep sinkhole on Woods Lodge Road in Rogers, near Garfield, according to county emergency officials.

The sinkhole is potentially dangerous and is requiring to block off the road near the obstacle, which is about six feet by six feet.

Road crews used gravel to fill the hole, which starts on the road's shoulder.

Snavely Road in Benton County also sustained major damage from the heavy rains that rolled into the county Thursday.

Intense rains washed away more than 350 yards of the road.

"It's probably 18 tons of asphalt behind me thats shifted off of the road off into the ditch," said Benton County Road Superintendent, Jack Brown.

"It takes a lot of water to move asphalt like it did and do the damage its done here," added Robert McGowen, Benton County Emergency Management Director.

Just three years ago a flood washed out Snavely Bridge, it was re-built in hopes to withstand an event like this one.

"We built a new bridge here with a lot more elevation that we thought would be for a hundred year flood plain, but it didn't make it two years," said Brown.

This is the second time in just a few week that Benton County officials have been out assessing damage.  127 sites were damaged and needed repairs in mid-April.

"The state is going to be called in again and I feel like we're going to have 100 sites or more again," said Brown.