Man Killed in Deadly 18-Wheeler Accident

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According to Washington County Sheriff Tim Helder, a man was killed late Thursday (May 9) south of Elkins.

Thursday night, the Washington County sheriff’s office received a report of an 18-wheeler flipped over on Hazel Valley Road just north of Nickel Church Road.

Helder said Jerry Harvey, 56, of Springdale, was traveling south on Hazel Valley Road in a freightliner truck owner by George’s Inc.

In a release from the sheriff’s department, Helder said, “as Harvey was negotiating a curve, he crossed the yellow double lines. While trying to gain control of the vehicle and get back in correct lane his load shifted, causing the truck and trailer to turn completely on its top.”

Harvey was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

Helder said this investigation is continuing.