Cameron Family Loses Mobile Home in Storm

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Northwest of Poteau, a family in Cameron lost their mobile home in the severe weather that struck Monday (May 20).

"He was watching the storm out of the window and he told me something just blew across the yard,” said homeowner Brian Johnson. “The skies lit up again and he said I believe that's our trailer.”

Strong winds in Cameron turned the Johnson family's mobile home into a pile of wreckage.

“I saw the trailer going across the yard and then out of nowhere it just kind of landed,” said Kealton, Johnson’s son.

The Johnson family ran to a nearby relative's house for more stable shelter during the storm. They said the storm's fury was unforgettable.

“Once he said that really, I guess, a state of shock, I was at a loss for words last night,” Johnson said.

“I just went over and hugged my dad and he said everything was going to be alright,” Kealton said.

The items that they lost on Monday are replaceable. The family says they're happy that they made it out alive.

"My TV, my Xbox, I'd really like to have that back,” Kealton said. “I lost my pictures and most of my clothes. It might go easy, it might go good. Gods got us in his hands.”

After their home was destroyed, family members like Richard, a cousin, offered support.

"It’s just absolute devastation it doesn't look like anything’s salvageable out of their home," Richard said.

The family has a long road ahead.

“As hard as it is I feel blessed to have made the decision to get out," Johnson said.

The family and community plan to help.

"He’s got a lot of friends and family and we got a good community here and hopefully people will come together and help him put the pieces back together," Richard said.

Johnson’s insurance company told him to wait to salvage any items until they feel the home is safe enough to inspect.

The Johnson family will live with relatives for the time being.