Rogers Crews Work to Repair Power Lines

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The strong storms that rolled through Rogers Monday (May 20) caused trees to snapped and power to shut off in several areas in the city.

Crews worked around the clock to restore power and repair down power lines. They walked the dark streets with flash lights surveying the damage.

Mallisa Funk said she was startled during the storm when a large tree branch fell on her driveway.

"I was in the bedroom laying down, I was reading and it sounded like something hit the house," Funk said.

The branch knocked down a cable line, barely missed the car and blocked the driveway.

"I looked out, saw a couple of branches laying out in the yard and didn't think too much about it," said James Brown. "Until I later came out to the porch and the cable wire stretched over the top of the van and out into the drive way."

Funk and Brown live on Persimmon Street. They said they heard the city's sirens.

"One minute it was cloudy and calm, next minute it just came out of no where," Brown said.

Funk said, "I think I started getting scared when the winds came up and after hearing that sound."

The couple breaths a sigh of relief that it wasn't worse and that everyone in their neighborhood is safe.