Two Years After Denning Tornado, Residents More Cautious

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Two years ago a violent and deadly tornado ripped its way through the river valley.

Etna, Denning and eventually northern Johnson County were all in the path of an EF-4 tornado.

"It's a night I won't soon forget,” said Michael Post, an Altus resident. “That night it was very, very loud, high winds, heavy, heavy rain. It was so loud that I couldn't hear the sirens going off in town. But I didn't need to."

Three people were killed, dozens were injured. Wind that night topped 170mph as the tornado leveled everything in its path.

"It sounded like a whole group of freight trains going by,” said Eugene, Michael’s father. “It was just loud and roaring.”

After seeing the destruction the next morning, Post said he is prepared but hopes nothing like that ever comes close again.

"After that tornado I take it more seriously,” Post said. “I took my kids to the basement this past week when we had storms come through. I didn't wait this time. It was straight to the basement with them in the middle of the night. So it taught me a lesson."