Springdale Looking To Build Off Early 2012 Success

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Springdale saw some early season success last fall but the Bulldogs are using spring drills to expand that success beyond the non-conference schedule.

The Bulldogs began the 2012 season with back to back shutouts, 35-0 against Batesville followed by a 41-0 blanking of Tulsa Central. From that point, Springdale lost six of their final eight games.

Shane Patrick is entering his fourth season as head coach at Springdale and he said it's all about how the Bulldogs finish, not how they start.

"We have to finish everyday strong in order to finish the season strong, so we are just buidling on that and learn from what happened last year. Learn from those mistakes," Patrick said. "Hopefully we can stay healthy, but our kids are working hard and we are excited about the future."

Springdale has a big time threat in running back Deandre Murray but senior quarterback Terry Mounce said it all starts with the mental aspect.

"We need to change our mindset whenever we go into the game to finish strong we need to start strong and then finish the game strong," Mounce said. "We have just been working hard in practice and get harder for us each day."