Suspect Accused of Breaking into 30 Vehicles

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Van Buren Police are looking for a white man with shaggy blonde hair accused of breaking into more than 30 vehicles in city neighborhoods.

“We've got sub systems from our cars gone missing, tires are being slashed," said Rose Mossman, one of the victims.

Surveillance video captured images of the man stealing tools from a vehicle just before midnight on May 22.

"Broke out a window and poured gasoline in the seat of my car," said Wanda Hicks, another victim.

Police say the Nike jacket the man is wearing in the video was stolen during another breaking-and-entering.

Some residents are worried about the vandalism escalating and have even gone as far as installing security cameras in their homes.

"It's a little scary you know because I’m afraid they might escalate to coming in homes," said Roberta Painter, who lives in the neighborhood where some of the crimes occurred.

At least one victim has told police he’s offering $1,000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in these crimes.

If you have any information that could help identify the suspect, call River Valley Crime Stoppers at (479) 78-CRIME or Van Buren Police at (479) 474-1234.

Police want to remind residents not to keep valuables in their vehicle or in plain sight. Remember to keep your vehicles locked.