BLOG: Behind the Scenes at the Old Fort Days Rodeo Parade

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Memorial Day and the Old Fort Days Rodeo go hand in hand. The two seem to be a very good paring, like peanut butter and jelly, and for the past 80 years the rodeo has been a staple in the community.

The Old Fort Days Rodeo serves as one of the premier rodeo events in Arkansas, and brings in cowboys and cowgirls from near and far--not just in the country, but the world. What started out in 1934 continues to grow and expand every year. A few things may have changed over the years including the name of the rodeo, from the "Pawnee Bill Rodeo" to what is now "The Old Fort Days Rodeo"; and entry cost of the parade, the first year 65-cents was the going price of a ticket. However, some things never change: every Memorial Day there will be a rodeo, a rodeo parade, and the spirit of what a city was founded on--the "Old West" lives on.

Monday, May 27th the Old Fort Days Rodeo kicked off with the Old Fort Days Rodeo Parade. The parade starts every year at 10 a.m. Garrison Avenue fills up with friends, visitors, and familiar faces as the parade travels from 5th Street to 13th Street. 5NEWS is proud to be a part of the rodeo and parade. 

Here is a look at some of the images we captured as we took part.