Community Remembers the Late John Q. Hammons

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Philanthropist John Q. Hammons died Sunday. The man responsible for two convention centers in Northwest Arkansas is remembered for his impact and legacy in local communities.

"It's sad that he's gone," said Barry Williams who was visiting Northwest Arkansas from Springfield, MO.

Williams echoed the sentiment that hundreds, if not thousands, felt when they heard the news of John Q. Hammons' death. Springfield, MO is Hammons' hometown.

"He just helped develop a lot of things in town. He was a pioneer for bringing big business into Springfield. I know he brought the Springfield Cardinals as well," Williams said.

Northwest Arkansas residents also felt Hammons' impact with the John Q. Hammons Convention Center in Rogers, which is a landmark that attract business to the area.

"It's sad that we lost him," said John Perre who lives in Rogers. "Obviously he's had a huge impact on our community and many communities."

Perre moved to the area about five years ago from Colorado.

"When I first moved here that is the first place I saw, so it's very meaningful to me," Perre said.

The developer built the Holiday Inn and the Northwest Arkansas Convention Center in Springdale, which houses dozens of activities through out the year.

Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse said the city profited from John Q. Hammons' investments.

"We're able to draw events that we never would've been able to draw otherwise, having the top notch hotel there and the convention center, it's just a huge benefit to the city," Sprouse said.

Hammons also received numerous achievement awards during his lifetime. Hammons will be missed by many.

"I'm sure there will be some memorials and things like that put up in his honor and well deserved," Williams said.

The Springfield developer is behind more than 200 hotel properties in 40 states.