Roebuck Seeks State House Seat

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Lucas Roebuck, a Siloam Springs resident serving as communications director for John Brown University, announced Tuesday (June 11) he is running for the state House District 87 seat.

The current representative in the district, Jonathan Barnett, a Republican living in Siloam Springs, is term-limited and cannot seek re-election.

Roebuck is a 38-year-old Republican who spent about a decade in local newspapers and television.

In a news release, he said he supports “pro-life legislation,” adding “unique human life begins at conception, and government has a responsibility to protect all unique human life as much as reasonably possible from the threat of violence.”

“My Christian worldview certainly informs my perspective on abortion,” Roebuck said, “but the DNA science is clear on the issue as well. Human life – with unique DNA from the mother – begins at conception.”

Roebuck also said in the news release he supports limiting the size of government.

“Every time government grows, at any level, we give up a bit of freedom,” he said. “With the unprecedented growth of government into nearly every aspect of our lives, we’ve been giving up a lot of freedom lately. Government that is best is government that exercises its authority as little as possible.”

Republican businesswoman Robin Lundstrum also is running for the District 87 seat.

The primary election is May 20, 2014.