Community In Shock After Shooting

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One man is dead, his ex-son-in-law is in critical condition after an alleged Thursday shooting. Police said Mike Underwood, 47, shot and killed his ex-wife’s father before  a suicide attempt.

Michale Shook, 63, was declared dead by responding medical crews.

"Oh goodness I don't even know, it's just a traumatic experience. It's horrible really, my heart goes out to em," said neighbor,  Arthur Rideout.

Shook's daughter, Angela Underwood, is the suspect's ex-wife and was living with her father.

One neighbor just doors down who has lived in the neighborhood for more than twenty-five years. She raised her three sons in the neighborhood and says a shooting on her side of town was out of the ordinary.

"Very frightening because this is a nice neighborhood to raise kids in nothing ever has happened on this street," said neighbor Lucy Gist.

"I've owned this property for twenty-three years. Lived in this neighborhood, it's always been a quiet crime free neighborhood," said neighbor, Robert Allan.

Angela Underwood has family members like Don White who live across the street from Underwood. He said Underwood had filed multiple restraining orders just before the shooting. White says Underwood  is safe and staying with a friend.

A neighbor also said a cleanup crew was at the house where they removed carpets.

"It’s heartbreaking you know, wish it never happened words can't say," said Rideout.

"You know normally everything around here is just quiet as a graveyard," said Allan.

The quiet neighborhood will go on with their normal day to day routines, but they will never forget the gunshots that killed their neighbor Shook.