Man Accused of Beating Pregnant Girlfriend at Springdale Apartment

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James Aurthor L. Hill, 20, of Johnson is facing domestic battery charges after police said he repeatedly hit and punched his pregnant girlfriend.

Springdale Police said they were called out to 1003 B Crawford Street after a dispatcher advised they had a 911 call in which a woman was heard screaming over the phone “get out now.”

Officers said the victim appeared to be in pain when they arrived.  The victim told police an argument started after she told  Hill she wants to give their baby up for adoption.  The victim then told police she got into an argument with him at which time Hill become violent, throwing a television down from a dresser and pulling a bathroom door off its frame.

As the victim tried to leave she said Hill pushed her down on a couch and started choking her.  While trying push Hill off her the victim said he then started hitting her in the stomach.

The victim finally managed to get away and told police she left through a backdoor.  Hill was later arrested on third-degree domestic battery charges.

The victim, who was six-weeks pregnant and complaining of stomach pain was transported to the Emergency Room at Northwest Medical Center in Springdale.

Its unclear at this time if there were any injuries to the unborn child.