Pet Lost in Flood Finds Way Back Home

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A Scott County family's dog who was swept away in flash flooding has found her way home nearly two weeks later.

Candy Bliss, and her husband Johnny Haga, said they were not home when the flood waters swamped their backyard in Cedar Creek.

"We were at the lake, but we got a text from our neighbor late that night saying that we had to come home as soon as we could," Bliss said.

When Bliss and Haga made it back home, Bliss said she immediately went to their back porch where they had left their six-year-old boxer Annie.

"I did really good looking at the damage and all and then I saw her [dog] bed that was on the patio," Bliss said, fighting back tears. "It wound up actually in the area where our garage used to be. I couldn't imagine how her bed could stay and she could leave."

All they could imagine was that Annie had been swept away in the flooding.

"I thought about how scared she was," Bliss said. "Thought about how much she suffered. Drowning. You think all of these horrible things, just like how if she were a child, about what her final moments were."

For 11 days, Bliss and Haga said they mourned the loss of their dog, assuming the worst had happened. But then late one night, Johnny said he thought he heard Annie pawing at the front door.

"I went down and there sat the dog at the front door," Haga said. "She was scratching at the front door and wanting in.So I got the dog and let her in the house and of course [the dog] was tickled to death and made four or five circles in the house. Then I carried it upstairs and it just bailed on top of her and she was crying and bawling and of course I did too."

Bliss and Haga said they took Annie to the vet after she got home. She was covered in ticks but other than that the family said she's okay.