Father & Son Cleared in Intruder’s Death

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24-year-old John Jackson was attacked and killed in his home on Oct. 29 according to police

A father and son have been cleared in the death of a man who broke into their Fort Smith home and killed their son and brother.

Jeffrey Jackson and Justin Jackson were justified in the use of deadly force against Eric Boyd on Oct. 29, according to Sebastian County Prosecutor Daniel Shue.

In a statement from Shue, he said both Jacksons had reason to believe that Boyd was committing or about to commit a felony involving force or violence and were justified in using deadly force to protect their family pursuant to Arkansas law.

Boyd broke into the Jackson home at 1804 Brazil Street early that morning and attacked 24-year-old John Jackson, according to police.

When officers arrived at the scene they found Jackson with multiple stab wounds. Police believe John and 23-year-old Boyd got into a fight. Boyd was armed with a knife, police said.

Jackson’s brother and father were able to subdue Boyd until police arrived, a police report states. He was found unconscious on the floor. Both Jeffery and Justin Jackson admitted to using chokeholds on Boyd. Jeffrey Jackson said he hit him several times on the head with a kitchen pan.

Boyd was pronounced dead Monday night at Mercy Hospital, according to police. His cause of death is listed as “Hypoxic Encephalopathy due Strangulation.”

John Jackson was taken to Sparks hospital where he later died from his injuries. He leaves behind two children, according to a family friend.

Police believe the fight started because Boyd was upset about a friendship between John Jackson and his then girlfriend.