U of A Evacuation Ends, Ruptured Gas Line Shut Off

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People who were evacuated from nine buildings on the University of Arkansas campus Wednesday morning (June 19) after a gas line was severed were told shortly after 12 p.m. they could return to the buildings.

According to a university news release, a SourceGas emergency crew stopped the leak about 12:10 p.m.

"The air quality in the area was tested and found safe, and an all-clear was issued, ending the evacuations," the news release states.

The university announced on Twitter soon after 12 p.m. that the gas had been shut off and the "air is fine."

A construction crew struck a 1.5-inch gas line on campus near the Hillside Auditorium on Dickson Street on about 10:50 a.m., forcing the evacuation of nine buildings on campus, officials said.

The evacuated building were: Brough Commons, Yokum Hall, Humphries Hall, Kimpel Hall, Walton College, the Reynolds Center, Walker Hall, Hunt Hall and Mechanical Engineering.

The rupture happened as summer-school classes were in session, officials said. The university issued a RazAlert warning to alert people to avoid the area.