Got Water? At The LPGA

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Hot weather follows the golfers to the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship presented P&G, which means they need plenty of water. However, most have no idea the work that goes into making sure they all hydrated.

There's a group of volunteers led by Robert Babcock, volunteer chairman of supply distribution. They are in charge of replenishing water in the entire golf course.

It's a physically demanding job where they are required to carry 20 pound ice bags early in the morning and haul drinks and ice in golf carts.

"At 5-5:30 in the morning when we are here we call it the go, go, go time," Babcock said.

The group is in charge of stocking coolers with drinks in the 18 holes.

"It's just perpetual, back and forth, back and forth, back to the compound, back to the course," Babcock said.

Tuesday golfers paid to play alongside some of the best golfers in the world. Eugene Kublanov participated in the Pro-AM AND said he saw the importance of staying hydrated.

"We were playing with the pro, she's really has to be hydrated, be able to keep performance and we see her drinking water quite a bit," Kublanov said.

Kublanov said he had no idea volunteers worked so hard to keep everything replenished.

"Thank you to those volunteers, they are doing a terrific job," Kublanov said.

Sue Peterson is one of about 25 volunteers and this is her third year.

"I enjoy helping out, Robert is great to work with and I learn a little bit more about golf every year," Peterson said.

Babcock said he has been part of the NW Arkansas Championship for seven years.

"I love these guys, they are all the way out here volunteering, we don't get paid to do this," Babcock said.