One-on-One Interview with Stacy Lewis at LPGA Tournament

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Stacy Lewis speaks with 5NEWS on the eve of the first round of the NWA Championship in Rogers:

Q: Have you been able to do anything fun this week in the area?

A: Other than hang out with my friends, not really. It's been busy so far. I've been working with my junior tournament (AJGA) so it's been a hectic week.

Q: When you come here to Fayetteville is there anywhere you have to go?

A: I have to get to Doe's and get a good steak. Got to go to Slim's, go around campus and visit friends.

Q: You've really helped Arkansas freshman Gabby Lopez this week. What have you told her in these practice rounds?

A: We talked a lot about course management. I've told her where the pins will be and where to hit shots to, what pins to go for and just giving her local knowledge that will help her out.

Q: Being number 1 in the world earlier, how much do you care about getting back to that level?

A: I want to get back to number one but Inbee (Park) is playing great golf, winning two majors and has a huge gap. I want to get there, but I just want a chance to win every Sunday. That's the goal every week.

Q: Golf is an up and down game. You won two tournaments in March, but recently have not had great success. How do you deal with golf mentally when it doesn't go your way?

A: Just to realize it's golf. It's a roller coaster. You play well or you don't. That's how it goes. You have to realize that and keep working hard. That's all you can ever do.

Q: You said this week you are close to getting things figured out. What do you mean by that?

A: My coach is here this week. We have really worked on some good things the last few weeks. I'm getting comfortable over the ball. I don't want to early call anything, but I feel like it's coming around.