Flood Forces Family to Move Farm

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Flash floods recently destroyed the YCity Fire Chief's farm while he was out saving the lives of others. Now, he's working to rebuild.

Fire Chief Albert Rogers was home when it started raining in Scott County on the night of May 31.

"They called me to come down the road to where the drowning was," Rogers said. "So I went down there to help them search for all of the missing people."

"Albert left about 1 and I was home, sitting on the couch and I was seeing everything flying through the front yard and just watching the water get deeper and deeper," Sherry Rogers, his wife, said.

The Rogers' farm was one of more than 70 Scott County properties destroyed or damaged in the flooding.

"It's about wiped us out," Rogers said. "We don't have any rail or anything left. It got all of our hay that we had in our barns, it washed it out. It just bad."

"We just get up every morning ready to go to work out here and pick up rocks," Sherry Rogers said. "That's mainly what I do is pick up rocks and debris because I can't build fences. But we're just trying to figure out what we've lost and what we haven't."

The Rogers family is still clearing debris before they can even start rebuilding.

"Still got a lot of work to do," Rogers said. "You know it'll take a long time."

Scott County Judge James Forbes said they're still waiting to see if the county qualifies for federal disaster relief money.

5NEWS is teaming up with Yeagers to provide supplies to help flood victims in Scott and LeFlore Counties rebuild damaged homes and businesses.

Starting Friday, June 14, monetary donations will be accepted at the following Yeagers Ace Hardware locations:

4910 Jenny Lind Road, Fort Smith
2619 Rogers Avenue, Fort Smith
1610 Main Street, Van Buren
814 W. Center, Greenwood

Yeagers will take the money raised and buy supplies needed at cost.

To make tax-deductible donations online, visit : http://www.communitychurch.com/connect/local/disaster-relief

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