Survivor of Machete Attack Speaks Out

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Nathan Maynard lives in Fort Smith near where two men were slashed to death with a machete last week. He has since moved because he can't sleep, after the machete attack changed his life.

Maynard witnessed the attack and said it still haunts him.

"I tried. Just do something, and I was like, there's nothing we could really do," Maynard said.

Gregory Kinsey, 20, is charged with capital murder for allegedly killing two men with a machete June 26. He is scheduled to enter a plea Wednesday in Sebastian County Circuit Court.

The Fort Smith resident will be arraigned on two counts of capital murder.

Maynard was the only survivor of a deadly machete attack that killed his best friends Brandon Prince and Nathan Young. Maynard said he wished he would have done more to save his friends.

"They tried to say that I provoked him,” said Maynard. “I didn't say one word to him until I struck him in the face with that two by four.”

Maynard said he moved because he continued to have nightmares from the horrifying attack, and the images continued to go through his head at night.

"A slap across with a blade about that long laid your chest open. You can see your bones and everything,” said Maynard.

Maynard’s brother said he's watched his brother change since the attack.

"Now I just see him and it's like seeing ghost or a zombie," said brother Patrick Maynard.

Patrick said he too wishes he could have done more.  He said his brother acted as a hero during the attack, and many couldn't have done what his brother did.

"They need put their selves in that situation,” said Patrick Maynard.  "They would have probably took off running somewhere and hid, but he ran and got the kids. That’s what Nathan and Prince would have wanted him to do.”

Nathan Maynard said he will not be attending Kinsey’s arraignment and hopes justice is served for his friends.