Fireworks Cause Several Small Fires

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Emergency crews and police were busy Thursday with continuous fire calls throughout the day, stemming from fireworks celebrations during the Fourth of July.

In one instance Thursday afternoon, a fence and yard on South C Street in Rogers caught fire, but was extinguished by residents living nearby. Later, a Chinese lantern became caught in a tree on West New Hope Road in Rogers just before 10 p.m., prompting fire crews to rush to the scene, according to the Rogers Fire Department.

Springdale also saw two small grassfires Thursday night. Neither was serious, and both were quickly extinguished by firefighters.

The calls came a day after a Siloam Springs fire burned about 30 acres of a hay field just outside of town, according to city communications coordinator Holland Hayden. The farmer’s land first caught fire mid-afternoon on Wednesday, burning 25 acres. Local fire departments contained the fire, but a separate fire in the same fields burned another five acres that night.

A single firework caught a Siloam Springs yard on fire Wednesday. It was eventually contained and did not burn any nearby structures, according to the city fire department.