Community Event Draws In Donations For Flood Victims

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More than five weeks after deadly flood waters swept through Scott County destroying homes and damaging property, people in the area are still trying to rebuild. Community members hosted the Scott County Disaster Relief Fundraiser Saturday to help those affected.

The event, held at Turkey Track Park on Highway 250 in Waldron, featured live music, a silent auction and food. The entry fee to the event was a donation of money, non-perishable food, towels, sheets, clothing or other items the flood victims are in need of.

Event organizer Dawn Austin says people are struggling after their homes were damaged or destroyed by the floods.

"(They're) Just trying to live a life," said Austin. "Trying to figure out where they're going to get food, or where they're going to lay their head. We've still have families that are staying in hotels or staying with friends."

Austin said 74 families were affected by the floods. She says her friends had water three inches from the top of their roof and lost everything in their home.

Teresa Ashlock had just moved from "Y" City before the flood hit, and she still has many friends in the area.

"When I went down to check on everybody, it was just devastating," she said.

Event organizers said they collected more than $1,500 for the flood victims during the event. Austin says donations will continue to be collected at Judge James Forbes' office at the county courthouse in Waldron.