BLOG: Gadget Claims to Take the Itch Out of Your Bug Bite

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Are summer bug bites driving you nuts? Are you trying to scratch with no avail? It seems calamine lotion has some competition. This thing has nothing to do with home remedies, it’s bringing technology to beat your bite.

The FDA confirms Therapik delivers bug bite relief. We haven’t used it, so we can’t speak from experience.

What It Is:

A handheld electronic device which deliver heat to stop the bug bite.

How It Works:

Reports show most insect venom is sensitive to heat–technically speaking, thermolabile. The device deliver heat to your bites in the temperature range needed to neutralize the venom.

How You Use It:

Press the device to the bite and turn the device on, holding it on the bite for 30 seconds.

The product retails for around $13, and weighs 4 oz.

You can find more about the Therapik here.