Springdale to Vote on Eminent Domain to Complete Trail

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Springdale is trying to move forward with the Razorback Greenway Trail project but first, they may need permission from landowners.

The city council will meet Tuesday evening (July 9) to vote on eminent domain on 16 properties, meaning the city could build the trail without the landowners' permission.

So far about 14 miles of the 36-mile trail has been completed. Eight miles of the trail will run through Springdale.

To build the Razorback Greenway Trail from Bella Vista trail to south Fayetteville, the cities must acquire 117 trail easements through private properties. Sixty-eight of those go through Springdale.

Private citizens will be paid so that the cities can put the trail through the properties.

Patsy Christie, director of planning and community development, says they have not been able to contact a majority of the property owners.

“We sent out certified letters to all the property owners of record, as in the Washington County courthouse,” she said.  “Most of those letters received, some of them were returned, we don`t have a forwarding address to send those to. We have sent staff members out there to hang notices on the door asking us to contact, we went back and left letters.”

If approved, the city should take possession of the properties within two weeks. Construction could start as early as September.