BLOG: Could A Symbol Be Coming For “The?”


Is one letter better than three? One man in Australia seems to think so.

Paul Mathis is on a mission to add a symbol/character for the word “the.” The businessman argues it is the most popular word in the English language and would save time and space when emailing, texting, tweeting, and the like.

Mathis not only created a character depicting “the,” but also an an app to install the symbol on keyboards for smartphones and tablets. Reports show the app was rejected by Apple.

Mathis argues the word “and” is only the 5th most used word, and has a character. While he acknowledges it’s not life changing, he things it might be helpful.

If you’re wondering what the most popular words in the Language are:

  1. The
  2. Be
  3. To
  4. Of
  5. And

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