911 Calls, Video Released in Machete Murder Case

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Prosecutors have released new video taken moments before two men were killed in what police say was a machete attack in a Fort Smith alley last month.

The video and 911 calls became available when Sebastian County Judge Stephen Tabor denied a motion to seal some files in the Gregory Aaron Kinsey capital murder case Tuesday (July 25).

Surveillance video from inside the Dollar General on Grand Avenue near what would become a bloody crime scene shows Kinsey buying paper towels, soda, and tea bags.

Moments later, police say he and two men fought in an alley near the store. Police say Kinsey used a machete to hack the two men to death.

911 calls at the time indicate that the confrontation had turned violent.

911: “Where’s your emergency?”

Caller: “I need an ambulance at 1618 North D like right now, I don’t know what just happened someone is bleeding to death.”

The 911 call continues, as a frantic neighbor describes the scene and comforts screaming children in the background.

Police found the bloody Dollar General bags inside Kinsey’s home, according to court documents. They also seized several knives from his home.

Kinsey is being held without bond on two counts of capital murder in the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center for the deaths of Nathan Young and Brandon Prince on June 26. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to the medical examiner, Young’s cause of death was “multiple chop wounds,” while Prince sustained “injury to axillary artery due to chop wound of left arm.”

Video was also released of Kinsey interviewing with police after his arrest.  In the video Kinsey offered his account of what happened, telling officers, "He (Nathan) asked me why I was creeping around in the shadows like that. I became angry. I tossed my bags and yelled and told him, 'Please, I don't want to go to prison today.'"

Kinsey told police he had a clear mind at the time of the attack and once it began he described feeling like he was watching a movie.

"I remember he tried to flee, but I don't think I registered it at the time. I pursued him. I kept trying... I wasn't trying to kill him. I was trying to incapacitate him. It's just once I started swinging, I just kept swinging," said Kinsey to police.

A judge granted what attorneys called a "partial gag order" in the case.  The order blocked some photos from being released, including two photos of Young and Prince taken at the crime scene as well as photos from inside Kinsey's home.

Two videos from Kinsey's cell phone were also blocked from being released.

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