80 Marijuana Plants Seized In Drug Raid

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Authorities seized dozens of marijuana plants during a raid on a Sequoyah County home Friday afternoon, according to the local Drug Task Force.

Officers from the Drug Task Force entered the home at 474641 E. 1080 Road near Muldrow, Okla., and arrested Douangta Thepvongsa. Authorities found 80 plants and 91 pounds of marijuana during the raid, said Eric Helms, an officer with the task force.

Neighbors in the area said a bust this size makes them nervous.

"I have five of my grandchildren and it's alarming to know there are drugs all around you," said Lisa Yandell.

Some residents living in the area of the drug bust said this activity doesn't shock them one bit.

"I hear of that all the time around here, it's a problem," said Sherri Cude.

Gerald Pulliam has lived in the area for as long as he can remember, he said drugs are no stranger to the community.

"It doesn't shock me because there's a lot of stuff that go's on up here,” said Pulliam.

Pulliam said drug deals have occurred in his front yard.

"They were waiting on a pick up,” Pulliam said. “Waiting on somebody to come by and you know they were getting their drugs. That happens up here, there is a lot of that going on.”

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