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Television is going to the dogs, literally.

DirectTV will be offering a DOGTV, a channel designed specifically for canines starting in August. The concept is for dogs who are home alone during the day, designed to relax them and ease loneliness and anxiety while their humans are away. The channel will features music, visuals, animation, and the occasional human to help them get through their day.

DOGTV will cost $4.99 a month.

Worried your dog will be a couch potato? Reports from the American Veterinary Medical Association state any stimulation and relaxation for pets is good, but points out not all dogs will take to it. The spokesperson said it may work for some, and not for others–since dogs, he points out, don’t necessarily watch television like humans do, but will instead glance at the channel or notice it.

The images on the channel are designed to  work with a dog’s specific vision and range of hearing. A focus of group consisting of dog trainers, veterinary behaviorists, and more were involved in testing.

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