Muldrow Man Grieving Loss of Pets and Home

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Bill Bowman’s Muldrow home caught fire (August 2) with several of his dogs inside his mobile home. Bowman’s brother was one of the first responders to the fire.

"He was broken hearted because he lost the dogs. The house can be replaced but the dogs can't be replaced," said, JR Bowman.

Several of his dogs living in the home died from smoke inhalation. One of his pets, Dee Dee, made it out alive.

"I think it was a relief to him that they died of smoke inhalation and they weren't burned alive but he was still broken hearted,” said Bowman.

Firefighters on scene said they responded to a call around 5:22 pm.

"We could see flames from approximately two, three miles away," said Muldrow Fire Fighter, Jesse Chandler.

Chandler said the fire was so large multiple crews were sent to the mobile home.

"The home will be a total loss; half of it's burnt up,” said Chandler.

Firefighters said the fire started in the back bedroom of the home.

Bowman‘s brother said his dogs were like his children.

"Right now the home is the least of his concern because he loved the dogs like most people love their kids," said Bowman

One of the owners longtime friends of more than 20 years came out to show support for his friend and help salvage what he could.

"Bill's been a friend of mine for 25 years. He's just a super great guy, and he's a real animal lover,” said Tim Blalock.

Blalock said his friend is a survivor and tragedy is no stranger to him.

"He’s lost his parents too, I know he will hang in there."

Fortunately Bowman said his home is insured but as he tries to pick up the pieces of his home he will never forget his animals named Lady Bug, Little Girl and Stinky.