Sheriff’s Office to Hold Auction Saturday, Aug. 3

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The Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office will hold a surplus and drug forfeiture auction at 10 a.m. Saturday (Aug. 3) at the county fair barn on East Redwood in Sallisaw.

The auction offers 180 guns like pistols, shotguns and even assault rifles, plus five vehicles. Most of the items were seized during arrests and narcotics investigations. Sheriff Ron Lockhart expects the sheriff’s office to make quite a profit.

“We estimate probably $40,000-$60,000,” he said.  “It goes in the drug fund for narcotics investigations and also training."

Lockhart expects about 400 people to attend, some of which got a preview of the merchandise on Friday (Aug. 2)

"It's good for the whole county, especially for law enforcement,” resident Tony Yates said. “They can get rid of something that is taking up space and maybe get some money back to use for enforcement.”

There are some restrictions for those looking to pack heat this weekend.

"We do background checks,” Lockhart said. “So we are not going to be giving a gun to somebody who's got a criminal history, have concealed handgun permits to show when you check in here."

According to Lockhart, there’s not any funding for training or narcotics investigation for the sheriff's office, so this weekend’s auction is a major financial boost for him and his team.