Crowds Gather at “National Night Out”

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Law enforcement from across Sebastian County met for the 30th National Night Out. The event is designed to strengthen the bond our community has with law enforcement in the area.

Dunking booths, space walks, pony rides, music and fun were at the Fort Smith Convention Center at this year’s Night Out.

"It's a great way for the public safety officials, whether they're law enforcement, emergency services, emergency management, fire department, search or rescue, to come out with the community," said Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck.

One colorful character said behind the badges and uniforms, it's important for the River Valley to know who is protecting them. "I mean we got the sheriff`s department, the police department, the state police; we have the Morgan Nick foundation these are things in our community for our kids.” said Paul Brosnan.

The Fort Smith SWAT Team said behind all their gear they wear, it's a bunch of regular guys protecting their town. "It is a job, but it`s a little more to us. It`s all volunteer, nobody`s forced to do this. We do it on our own time when we can," said Chris Boyd.

Carol Phillips with Crawford County Search and Rescue even brought her canines out.

"We spend years training these dogs," she said. "Cody has gone to more seminars and been to more schools than most kids have."

Hundreds of people made their way to the Night Out; they said it's important to know what resources are available to the public. Hollenbeck said his team is prepping for the next public event. The Citizens Sheriff`s Academy which is a behind the scenes look of the sheriff`s department and law enforcement community within Sebastian County.