QB Brandon Allen Getting Comfortable in Bielema Offense

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It’s only day two of Arkansas football camp and already the new quarterback is feeling comfortable. The task Brandon Allen has this fall is gigantic because he follows up back to back record breaking starters in Tyler Wilson and Ryan Mallett.

The Fayetteville native has taken the time this summer to put on 10 pounds of muscle while not losing mobility. His quarterbacks coach is also his offensive coordinator, and Jim Chaney has coached the best in the game, including current New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees. Chaney says Allen is also becoming a better leader.

“I see that a lot more and more,” said Chaney. “When kids get more invested they tend to have more leadership. He's put in a lot of time to be a better football player. With that you feel comfortable vocalizing it and that's what I'm seeing right now.”

“I'm doing my part trying to be someone the offense looks to if they need something if they don't know what's going on with a play,” said Brandon Allen. “I take the time to study a lot and make sure I know what's going on out there.”

Allen started the Alabama game last year when Tyler Wilson was sidelined by a concussion. He threw for 186 yards on 49 attempts in 2012, with one touchdown.